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Boarding horses at Lehmann Stables is giving them the love and care they deserve. We are a family owned and operated facility. All of us are passionate about horses, and we will love and care for your horse as we do for our own.

Caring for your horse starts with a clean and healthy environment. Our stalls are on delta sand for great drainage, and have mats where the horses need them: under their feeder, and extending 10' or more into the stall. All horses are on a deworming and Psyllium program, which is included in the board. Each horse is monitored daily and nightly (!) for any apparent issues or changes. We have your horse's comfort in mind and strive for a stress free environment.

Good horsemanship is important for your safety, and that of your horse and others. It also helps getting the most out of the relationship with your animal. Like our lessons program, our boarding service extends to assisting you developing good horsemanship. Whether picking the right horse for you, teaching your horse ground manners, getting your horse under the saddle or developing the diet for your horse, we are glad to help. We can also train your horse for you; call for info.

Our boarding is $275/month and includes:

   - Stalls:
         - 12' x 24'
         - On sand, with 10' matting
         - Automatic watering

   - Feeding:
         - In
         - Quality grass hay
         - Custom menu available

   - Care:
         - Cleaning 7 days a week
         - Worming every 2 months
         - Psyllium the first week every month
         - Nightly monitoring
         - Blanketing and turn out (small fee)

   - Facilities:
         - 2 large turnout paddocks
         - Green hand grazing pasture
         - 30m x 40m, all sand riding arena
         - 2 all sand round pens (48')
         - Tack room
         - 2 wash racks
         - Trail access


So you have a horse now what?

Whether you are an experienced horse owner or a novice, the first and most obvious concern is where to keep him. It is important that you talk to experts such as your vet or local horse professional for advice.

Next you will be wondering what to feed him. This depends on how much work your horse is doing, what temperament he has and his condition. A stabled horse relies on what you feed it. Remember the water, fresh and plenty, as a horse can drink up to 55 liters per day.

Now, housed and fed, the health of your horse is the next priority. Your horse will need to be regularly groomed, wormed and seen by a farrier. Cleaning up manure in the paddock helps stop the spread of parasites.

The very minimum gear you will need is a lead-rope and halter so that you can catch and tie up your horse. A lunge rope and whip for non-riding exercise are good investments too.

Horse care is a satisfying aspect of owning a horse. Please join us in the enjoyment of horse ownership and the creation of a bond between horse and owner as you care for your animal.

Important - Consult your horse pro before using any offered advice.