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Rider story

Catch them young, as the saying goes, and Cheyenne Borda is doing exactly that. She started riding with Eline at 4 years old. Currently she is leasing Thoroughbred 'Ned' at Lehmann Stables, reached an advanced level in dressage and started riding shows. The picture below shows Cheyenne at the D'Alonzo Ranch where she scored high points in July and September 2012. Look at the Blue Ribbons and her broad smile! Congrats Cheyenne!

Healthier feeding

At Lehmann Stables we have invested in the health of your horse. The Porta Grazer is a system that simulates natural grazing by allowing your horse to eat hay or pellets at a naturally slower pace. It replaces the usual feast and famine system of being fed twice a day and eating too quickly. Go to www.porta-grazer.com for more information and see us featured here: Lehmann Stables at Porta Grazer.