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Riding Instruction at Lehmann Stables is part of our Horsemanship Program. We firmly believe that rider and animal are best served with a broad orientation on all aspects of Horsemanship, including grooming, safety and care. Every 30 minutes of Riding Instruction is embedded in a full 60 minutes of Horsemanship Instruction.

Our instructors teach English, Dressage and Jumping (certified at CHA level 3). We accept riders of all ages and levels. Our youngest riders usually start at the age of 4. See at the bottom of this page what our clients say about us!

Our horsemanship program covers:

   - Safety around horses
   - Horse health and horse care basics
   - Grooming
   - Lunging
   - Ground manners
   - Horse tack, saddle and bridle
   - Saddling the horse
   - Leading the horse
   - Mounting the horse
   - Riding position and posture
   - Gaits: walk, trot and canter
   - Halting the horse
   - Use of riding aids
   - Riding ring orientation
   - Jumping
   - Trail rides
   - Shows

Horseback riding for your health?

Donít horses kick and bite and throw you off? Well, possibly. But it's rare. Most horses are docile, gentle and willing to please. Riding them, or even simply being around them, usually does wonders to boost your health of body, mind and spirit.

Riding, even at a slow walk pace, improves balance, co-ordination and posture. At faster paces like trot and canter, riding becomes excellent aerobic exercise, helping oxygenate the blood and improve circulation, extend breath-control, and speed up metabolism.

For most participants, riding is a great pleasure. After an enjoyable ride or even time spent grooming and petting a horse, people generally feel both exhilarated and relaxed. Blood-pressure tends to drop to healthy, de-stressed levels.


Riding lessons at 4 years old? Absolutely! Wor-
king with those big horses makes children feel
good about themselves and helps them develop. 


Riding Instruction

Per lesson

Adults & youth


On your horse


A lesson is 60 minutes of horsemanship instruction, of which 30 minutes on horseback and 30 minutes around the horse.


Boy Scouts of America Troop 152 prepared well for their 2010 'Big Trip'. During the Horsemanship Boot-camp at Lehmann Stables, they learned about horse care and about safety around horses. They also mas tered the basics of horse back riding, and earned their BSA Horsemanship Merit Badges.

Instructors (All In The Family):
  • Eline Lehmann grew up in Europe, and has been on and around horses for over 40 years. In Europe she learned the finesses of English dressage, and was an English riding instructor. She is a Certified Horse Association (CHA) level 3 accredited riding instructor, a gifted horse trainer and manager of our stables. Over the years, Eline has made a difference in the lives of numerous children and adults, by making them confident and well balanced riders.
  • Fionna Lehmann, while born in Europe, had her first riding experiences here in California, riding our Wild Mustang Chispa. Her love for horses, and animals in general, has inspired her to pursue becoming a large animal vet. She is currently in vet school in the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine in Oregon, class of 2021. She spends (most of) her summers here at the Stables.



See what our clients say about us:

Eline and Selwyn were fabulous with my family.
I have not been on a horse in 20 years and they both made fabulous memories come back to me which I got to share with my children. Gentle horses put me at ease and we all had a wonderful day on the ranch! Great interaction between Selwyn and my daughters!

My daughter has been taking lessons
from Elaine for 8 months and Iam 100% happy with how Elaine works with my daughter...she is patient,kind and is teaching my daughter all she needs to know...so that when my daughter is old enough to own a horse...she will be a great horse owner and more so she will know all she needs to know to be a great rider as well....I did research for 2 weeks for a great place for my daughter and I have to say Lehmann stables stood out by far...and I look forward to see all the great things my daughter is going to learn while in the teaching of Elaine Lehmann :) she is teaching her responsibility...and hard work qualities and I think thats wonderful

Riding Lesson
My 5 yr old daughter took a riding lesson and had a truly wonderful experience! Eline is knowledgeable, experienced, and professional.

My 12 yr. old grandson just spent a week with Eline
 getting riding lessons and I am very impressed! Eline is patient and thorough with a nice assortment of well taken care of horses that are gentle and beautiful. She has brought my grandson a long way in just a short time. Her stables are very clean and orderly. She has also provided nice, shaded seating areas for customers to sit and watch the lessons. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking
riding lessons.